Aldi Salad Bag That's A Bowl

Aldi Salad Bag That’s A Bowl

Say goodbye to expensive lunchtimes and say hello to Aldi’s brand new “The Bag that’s a Bowl”, it’s a completely genius idea!

It’s the one hour you have off during the day, so make the most of it with Aldi’s super easy and super affordable new salad option! Exclusive and unique to stores in Ireland, Aldi has recognised that people want to buy quality, healthy food at affordable prices.

Responding to the growing trend of healthy lunches, Aldi has developed “The Bag that’s a Bowl”, a personalised, create your own salad/lunch option for people on the go! So take advantage of the sunny weather and take “The Bag that’s a Bowl’ to your nearest park for lunch on the go!

The Bag that’s a Bowl range offers Aldi customers a three step salad lunch option. Step one is the salad bag, the base of every salad, which opens to create a bowl to which step 2 (protein toppings) and step 3 (salad dressings) can be added.

Step 1:  Choose your leaves €0.65

  • There are five types of salad leaves; Spinach, Rocket, Baby Kale, Duo Leaf and Italian Leaf

Step 2: Choose your topping/protein €0.99

  • There are six types of protein toppings including vegetarian/vegan and dairy free options: Cajun Chicken, Roast Chicken, Shredded Turkey, Shredded Ham, Snack Size Mediterranean Falafel and Snack Size Moroccan Style Falafel

Step 3. Choose your dressing €0.59

  • There are five types of dressings: Raspberry, Avocado, Mango, Lime & Ginger and Asian style

Whether purchased together or individually, The Bag that’s a Bowl offers great value for money – an entire salad for €2.23.

The Bag that’s a Bowl is on sale in all 129 Aldi stores now.

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