Quinola Mothergrain Develop Nutritious Baby Food Range

Quinola Mothergrain Develop Nutritious Baby Food Range

Quinola Mothergrain, the quinoa specialist, has worked alongside nutritionist Véronique André-Linet to develop a range of healthy and nutritious quinoa based baby foods, which are designed to make meal times easier, and are now available to purchase in select SuperValu stores nationwide.

The baby meals are completely organic, allergen free, and can complement homemade food, or function independently as a healthy snack, and are categorised according to ‘stages’ to help parents choose the most suitable type for their baby’s stage of development. Each stage has an adapted texture, from a smooth purée for initial stage 1 weaning, with a fork mash texture to start introducing bite in the stage 2 recipes and soft little chunks in the stage 3 recipes.

Quinoa contains a complete protein, the rock star of the protein world, identical to that found in milk. All of the recipes are comprised of quinoa with two vegetables taking centre stage, to allow babies to discover the real taste of vegetables.

Commenting on the importance of variety in the early eating habits of babies, nutritionist Véronique André-Linet commented,

“Learning how different foods taste is essential for young babies so that they develop healthy eating habits early on that will then be kept for the rest of their lives. By having such a short and simple list of ingredients, babies will be able to identify the different flavours. Importantly, none of the Quinola Mothergrain recipes have fruit added to them, unlike most shop bought baby meals, all being authentically savoury.”

André-Linet continued,

“The Quinola Mother grain baby meals come in microwaveable pouches, which means they can easily be reheated, which is great for stop-start meal times, a reality in most households! They also need to be spoon-fed, rather than sucked from the pouch, which is a vital step in giving babies important motor skills necessary for developing speech.”

All the recipes are vegetarian, and because of this, each pouch is a balanced meal based on healthy vegetable proteins. This also reduces the carbon footprint of the meals, making them not only better for babies, but the planet they will inherit too.

Three initial recipes are available in selected SuperValus:

  • Stage 1 Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Quinoa,
    Stage 2 Swede, Parsnip, Carrot & Quinoa
    Stage 3 Butternut Squash, Carrot & Quinoa.

All baby meals are available to purchase in 190g pouches with an RRP of €2.69.

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