Cook like a professional chef with Aldi next week!

Cook like a professional chef with Aldi next week!

We admit to being more than a little bit excited at the the range and price of these products available from Aldi next week.

  • Sous Vide Wand €59.99 – Suitable for 6-15 litre pots. Max. 95°C temperature setting (+/-0.3°C temperature variation). LCD display with backlight. Sensor buttons. Displays time and temperature. Timer up to 99 hours/59 minutes. Boil-dry protection. Approx. 10 x 8 x 38cm
  • Vacuum Food Sealer €34.99 each – Essential for effective sous vide cooking.
4 functions with touch button controls. Includes Film Roll approx. 22 x 300cm and 5 Plastic Bags approx. 20 x 30cm
  • Vacuum Food Sealer Refills Set €12.99/set – Vacuum food sealer refills for use with Vacuum Food Sealer. Set contains
3 Rolls approx. 22 x 300cm and 2 Rolls approx. 28 x 300cm

What is sous vide cooking? The sous vide method cooks food sealed in a vacuum bag at a precise temperature for a set time. As it’s sealed in a bag, all the flavor and nutrients of the food – which can include steak, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and veg – are locked in for truly delicious results, even improving the texture of meat and fish too. That’s why it’s the latest must-have in every professional kitchen!

Cooking versatility – Whether it’s putting together a light bite or hosting a lavish dinner party, Aldi has got all your cooking needs covered.

  • Digital Multi Cooker €74.99 – Enjoy the versatility of one pot cooking with easy-to-use preset digital functions for complete control.
5.6 litre capacity. 8 preset functions – Stove Top (Low/High), Slow Cook (High/Low/Keep Warm), Oven (Bake/Roast) and Steam. LED display. Tempered glass lid. Cool-touch inner pot handles. Dishwasher safe detachable inner cooking pot
  • Glass Kettle €27.99 – 1.7 litre 3000W kettle in contemporary glass design, with a blue LED light to illuminate the water. Quiet boil. Rapid boil. Water level indicator. Easy lift 360° connector. Automatic switch-off. Limescale filter
  • Microwave Oven €49.99 – 700W. 17 litre capacity. 5 power levels. Defrost function. 35 minute timer. Manual controls. Available in silver or black. Approx. 44 x 36 x 26cm
  • Deep Fat Fryer €39.99 – Get perfect, crispy results every time with this big 4 litre fryer. Non-stick oil container. Detachable lid for easy cleaning. Stepless temperature adjusting to max. 190°C. Includes 3 Frying Baskets to suit various food sizes
  • Raclette Grill €24.99 – A really fun and friendly way to eat with family and friends. This versatile dining must-have allows you to eat lots of different foods together, from skewered meats to chargrilled vegetables with melted cheese poured on top. Yum! Includes 8 Non-stick Pans and 8 Plastic Spatulas. Half stone plate, half pivoting aluminium plate with one even and one corrugated side. Non-stick coated grill plate. Stainless steel shelf for pans
  • Slow Cooker €19.99 – Save time, money and hard work with this must-have kitchen gadget. 6.5 litre removable, non-stick ceramic pot. Glass lid with heat-insulated handles. 3 settings for low, high and keep warm. Anti-slip feet. Ceramic pot and glass lid are dishwasher safe. Available in 4 colours
  • 3 in 1 Sandwich Toaster €18.99 – Enjoy your favourite toasted sandwich, or simply change the plates to toast paninis or make waffles.
Automatic temperature control. Easy-clean, non-stick coating. Interchangeable plates (dishwasher safe). Available in stainless steel/black or stainless steel/white
  • Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster €18.99 – Ideal if you prefer thickly sliced bread or multiple ingredients. Automatic temperature control. Easy-clean, non-stick coating. Available in stainless steel/black or stainless steel/white

The above products will be on sale in all 129 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, 19th October while stocks last.

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