Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

With the shortest day of the year being at the end of December, Red C research, commissioned by Avonmore Super Milk, revealed that almost half of Irish adults are confused about how to incorporate Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, in their diet during the winter months.  Despite this, three quarters of Irish adults believe they are getting enough of the sunshine vitamin which is essential for their health.

The good news is that six weeks from 21st December the sun will rise 25 minutes earlier and set 56 minutes later which is something to look forward to. However either way Irish people will not be getting vitamin D from the sun until March at the earliest so we need to continue taking vitamin D in our diets.

The research also delved into people’s attitudes to Vitamin D at a time of year when we don’t get enough Vitamin D from the sun. The survey revealed that 67% of Irish adults believe we do not get enough sun in Ireland to give us the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D and that almost half (47%) of Irish women are concerned about their Vitamin D intake during the winter months.

Commenting on the research, nutritionist Claire McGartland says she understands the confusion around vitamin D in the diet and advises on the best sources to achieve your daily requirements.

‘Incorporating Vitamin D into the diet from natural sources is challenging, particularly into the diets of children, but it is not impossible. Despite our vast coastline and access to fresh oily fish, which is a great source of Vitamin D, we are not a great fish-eating nation unlike some of our Nordic neighbours, so trying to introduce foods like mackerel and salmon will improve Vitamin D levels.’

She continued: ‘Our children are, however, great consumers of dairy, so incorporating foods that are fortified with Vitamin D such as Avonmore Super Milk into their diets also makes good sense.’

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium which enables the body to build strong bones and teeth. Ireland’s northerly latitude, means people living in Ireland are particularly challenged in getting Vitamin D from the sun and must ensure they are getting all the Vitamin D they need through their diet.

Avonmore Whole and Low Fat Super Milk is a rich source of Vitamin D. Just one 250ml glass is fortified with 5 micrograms of Vitamin D – that’s 100% of the EU recommended daily intake of Vitamin D for adults.  Included as part of a healthy balanced diet, Avonmore Super Milk is a great choice for you and your growing family.

The Avonmore Super Milk  Vitamin D consumer research was conducted by Red C Research across a nationally representative sample of 1,019 adults aged 18+. Fieldwork was conducted from the 12th of October to the 18th of October. Full breakdowns and cross sections available.

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