Real Neapolitan pizza in Ireland from Forno 500°

Real Neapolitan pizza in Ireland from Forno 500°

Forno 500° located next door to Dublin’s iconic Olympia Theatre, 74 Dame St., Dublin 2 houses Ireland’s first fixed original Neapolitian oven using imported materials from Naples. Forno 500° commissioned the Ferrara family and their team of artisans to leave their factory in Naples to make their very first fixed oven here in Ireland.

Forno 500° is the first restaurant in Ireland to be officially awarded the Certificate of True Authentic Neopolitian Pizza from the coveted Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana in Naples. The association set out very specific principles of traditional Neapolitan pizza-making techniques – upholding Neapolitan traditions including the art of preparation recently recognised by UNESCO.

Using San Marzano tomatoes, highly refined 00 flour and completely free of bran or germ, a specific dome-shaped wood-burning ovens reaching temperatures of 485-500°. Pizza di Napoli base is a traditional soft, light airy dough which is perfect for fare la scarpetta, a phrase meaning “make the little shoe,” whereby you tear off a piece of crust to mop the sauce left on your plate.

True to tradition Forno 500° dough is hand stretched with a 36 hour fermentation. Try Forno 500° favourites like Genovese with pesto, mozzarella, parmesan and Italian sausage or Prosciutto di Parma with burrata, fresh oregano, pecorino and extra virgin olive oil.

There are only two artisan wood fired oven manufacturers left in Naples. The creators of Forno 500° found the best, a fourth generation Neapolitan oven manufacturer, and took nine months to convince the Fererra family and their team of Artisans to leave their factory in Naples to make their very first fixed oven in Ireland.

Nine ton pallets of original materials were shipped into Dublin in anticipation of their arrival. Brick-by-brick from the ground up, a team of artisans was flown to Dublin to build an ancient style oven using original materials and Old World Neapolitan techniques.

Mr Fererra, who built the oven said:

Taking ten days to construct, Santa Maria bricks from Campania were used in the walls and dome, the cooking surface is Biscotto di Sorrento and all of this is packed together with mortar made from volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius.”

“This is no prefabbed oven that you generally find in Europe, this oven this is an ancient style Forno 500° built on site in Dublin using old world Neapolitan techniques, passed down from my great-grandfather. We locked all workers out during the oven building process so that we could protect our local secrets.

Forno 500° says:

The inspection process was grueling — documenting, taking videos of our processes and then a surprise inspection followed from the association itself who surprisingly flew to Dublin to inspect our kitchens, tasting and observing our controls and products first before final approval. So expect the vera (real) pizza di Napoli here where the dough is soft and light and your taste buds fulfilled.

Pizza Di Napoli and fresh pastas are available daily and suitable for vegans.

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