Four Star Pizza and Offbeat join forces to launch The Ponut

Four Star Pizza and Offbeat join forces to launch The Ponut

Irish pizza giant, Four Star Pizza, is partnering with donut connoisseurs OffBeat, to launch the Ponut, a delicious combination of two of the nation’s favourite foods (pizza and donuts), and the first of its kind in Ireland.

Four Stars’ pizza doughologists have been working with Offbeat for the past six months to carefully create a doughnut dough that still looks and tastes like their delicious pizza dough but also retains the texture and consistency of a donut when baked.

Four Star Pizza has also invested €1.2million in machinery to puncture the holes in the ponuts, ensuring each is the exact same size and won’t allow for toppings to slip through.

The Ponut has been created by shaping the new dough into a mini pizza like shape and then layering on savoury toppings such as tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni, ensuring to keep the recognisable donut hole.

At present, the Ponut is available exclusively with classic pizza toppings (tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni) but subject to the success of the Ponut, Four Star Pizza and Offbeat are planning to extend the range to include other classics such as BBQ and Hawaii.

The Ponut will be available from the 3rd of April in Four Star Pizza and OffBeat Donuts nationwide.

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