Hooray The Retro Ice Cream The Super Split Is Back!

Hooray The Retro Ice Cream The Super Split Is Back!

The Irish public asked and HB Ireland listened!

According to brand new research 96% of people are craving the taste of a nostalgic HB Super Split and want to see the return of the classic Irish summer snack. HB have responded by relaunching the ice cream, formally known as Super Split, as SPLIT.

The return of a legend

Everyone knows Irish summers were a great time to be a kid; playing outside with your mates until the street lights came on, sand-filled sandwiches and the distinct taste of a Super Split ice cream. The relaunch of the SPLIT is the perfect opportunity for people to indulge in some seriously delicious nostalgia over the upcoming summer months. And at 65kcal, it’s the ideal snack to enjoy with very little guilt.

We bet it is a little bit smaller than we remember but tastes just as delicious.

A spokesperson on behalf of HB said:

“We’ve received several heart-felt emails, hand written letters and social media messages asking us to bring back this legend, and we listened! We’ve decide to give the name a makeover, from Super Split to SPLIT, but fans old and new can rest assured that the great taste they’ve come to know and love, is still the exact same.”

HB SPLIT is now available in multipack format in stores nationwide.

For all the latest information on HB, visit https://www.facebook.com/hbicecream/ on Facebook.

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