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Cleaning Your Gas Barbecue

Have you considered cleaning your gas barbecue yet? Given the weather it’s probably the last thing on your mind at the moment. It’s always a good idea to clean this essential appliance and run a test well in advance of wanting to use it.  Spring time is the ideal chance to get stuck in, it won’t take you long and who knows you might be eating barbecued food sooner than a hot summer. After all, we don’t need to wait for the weather to enjoy good barbecue.

First things first, you will need to wait for a dry day so that you can pull your barbecue outside, along with gas canister. When testing a gas supply you need lots of open air and no children or animals around just in case you’ve sprung a leak over the winter.

Next, remove the racks and lay them to one side. Do not remove the burners! get a brass brush (not steel or aluminium) and lightly brush out any loose debris inside the barbecue. To make sure that the burn holes are clear use a toothpick to clean them out.

Get a clean, empty spray bottle (theses are handy to have for barbecuing in general) and fill it with a half & half solution of white vinegar and water. Spray the racks liberally and spray a light mist into the barbecue too. Leave to stand for about 10 minutes to allow the vinegar to work its magic. Fill a basin with hot soapy water (just plain washing up liquid). Using a soft sponge and the soapy water clean the racks off and the barbecue out.  If you find it’s all still very crusty, repeat a few times.

To test your gas lines, squirt a little washing up liquid at the seal joints where your pipes meet the canister and the barbecue. Make sure your burners are turned off, then turn the canister to the on position. If you see any bubbles forming at these joins then you may need to replace your pipes and/or fix the seal.

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