Pan Fried Scallops

Pan Fried Scallops

YesChef returns with a restaurant dish of pan fried scallops, Clonakilty black pudding and crispy parma ham to tempt you to visit Sole Seafood in Belfast.

Clonakilty black pudding is the king of black puddings but you can get a locally sourced pudding. Try Kettyle Black Pudding from Kettyle Irish Foods in Fermanagh if you cannot lay your hands on some.

Pan fried scallops, clonakilty black  pudding & crispy parma ham


  • 8 scallops (as fresh as possible – it makes all the
  • difference)
  • 400g Clonakilty black pudding
  • 4 Parma ham slices
  • tomato concassé
  • micro herbs
  • olive oil to dress


Firstly, pan fry your pudding to colour (not everyone knows this, but black pudding is sold cooked so it is simply a matter of bring it back to life). Set aside in the oven to keep warm.

To crisp your Parma ham, place a sheet of grease proof paper on a baking tray. Add a touch of oil and place the Parma slices on it. Cover with another layer of grease proof and weight down with a similar sized tray. Place in the oven for 30 minutes at 140°c. Remove and place on kitchen paper to allow to crisp up more.

Now, the simplest and best way of all to cook scallops heat a pan until smoking hot, add a touch of olive oil in and place the scallops in it. Leave for 1-1½ minutes and flip them over, then add a knob of butter, a quick swirl and remove the pan from the heat. Leave for another minute to cook through. Set aside on a warm plate while you plate up.

Neill Auterson, Sole Seafood, 613 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7GT

t. 028 9066 2224 e. w.

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